Dealing with that inner critic

Have you ever told yourself that you don’t deserve something? Or that there’s no way you will accomplish the goal you are aspiring to? Negative thoughts like these can often be fueled by our inner voice, our own worst critic. The narrative you tell yourself has a real impact on how you feel and behave […]

When positivity turns toxic

Ever felt some guilt for feeling upset about a situation? When sharing a struggle with a confidant, have you ever been reliably informed that ‘everything will work out in the end’?This type of encouragement to avoid or suppress negative emotions and experiences is termed ‘toxic positivity’. Its subtlety makes it sometimes difficult to recognise, and […]

Quietly content

Why being introverted should not be seen as something to fix Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? This categorisation is somewhat complicated, so don’t be concerned if you’re unsure of what these words mean, never mind where you would place yourself.The psychologist Carl Jung introduced the terms as opposing […]

Finding joy in smaller moments

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne When you think about the things that most excite you in life, what comes to mind?Do you imagine a holiday, a job promotion or a new home?These big events are of course very important life experiences, but do you find yourself holding out for them? If so, you could be at risk […]

The September reset

In the first of her new fortnightly columns, life coach Sadhbh Dunne looks at routines – the good, the bad and the flexible Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne The buckets and spades have been packed away and the school uniforms are, for now, still new and shiny. We can see the evenings are getting shorter and the […]

Meet Sadhbh – Coach at Ember Coaching

Sadhbh Dunne

Who am I? My name is Sadhbh and I’m the person behind Ember Coaching. I am a fully qualified life coach with a special interest in helping people explore their relationship with themselves and with others. My little place on the internet will discuss many topics that relate to life & relationship coaching.  What is […]

Do I need a life coach?

So, do I need a life coach? Great question and a perfect place to start! I hope this post will help you if you are curious as to what coaching involves or you are asking yourself ‘do I need a life coach?’ No matter your reason for visiting my website, you are very welcome and […]