Beyond the bubble

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne Life can feel that extra bit familiar and safe in the warmth of our comfort zone. The security blanket it provides can make it challenging to put ourselves out there in a new situation. Things like attending the same supermarket, visiting the same restaurant and opting for the same takeaway item reliably […]

Are you a hostage to imposter syndrome?

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne There can be times in people’s life where they feel they are unqualified to complete a task or undeserving of a role. Despite being challenging, these somewhat general experiences of unworthiness and doubt are not that unusual. However, in extreme situations whereby these inadequacies are completely unfounded, the feeling is referred to […]

The abc of zeds

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne A good night’s sleep is so important for our health – both physical and mental. It’s an essential function that gives the body and mind time to recharge, so that we can step into each day refreshed. Unfortunately, the modern world does not necessarily recognise this in an active and encouraging way. […]

If you think it, will it come?

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne Have you ever heard people attributing the positive things in their life to manifestation? The word ‘manifestation’ has grown increasingly familiar to us over the last number of years. But what exactly is it? Does it work? And if not, why are so many people talking about it? Manifestation is a type […]

Make time for you

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne For a lot of people, self-care is something that falls far down their list. Whether deliberately or not, people tend to focus their attention on friends and family. Directing compassion and care there is of course a most noble attribute, but are there implications for you? Not thinking about taking care of […]

How to live authentically

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne If you were the winner of tonight’s Euromillions jackpot, how would you imagine your life changing? After you’ve taken all of the lavish holidays and bought all of the fancy cars, would there be a noticeable shift in how you live your life? How you answer this hypothetical question relates back to […]

Mind your goals

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne As the chatter of ‘New Year, New Me’ is left behind, how are those who have set New Year’s resolutions, a particular goal or target that they hope to achieve, doing? Are you powering on or slipping into behaviours you wanted to leave behind? When the shininess of the beginning of a […]

Finding your life-work balance

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne Many people make a New Year’s resolution to achieve a better ‘work-life balance’. The term has been known for a long time, but it garnered a whole new following throughout the pandemic when workers all around the world were forced to balance working from home. Many of us struggled to keep all […]

Protect yourself this Christmas

Positive StepsSadhbh Dunne As group chats become livelier and Christmas festivities begin to fill calendars, you might be feeling an element of pressure. Are you hoping to end the year on a high? Or perhaps feeling worried that you have not yet made a grand gesture or difference in your life this year?The first ‘normal’ […]

The seduction of the scroll

With social media becoming increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, it has both positive and negative implications for us. It is an excellent means of communicating with those around the world or people who we don’t see on a daily basis, but there is also a risk that it can reduce the intimacy in some […]