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My name is Sadhbh Dunne and I am a fully qualified Life & Business Coach with advanced training in Relationship Coaching. I work with individuals and couples who feel like something is lacking in their relationships, with both themselves and others, and are searching for clarity and confidence to experience more fulfilling and rewarding relationships.

Relationships can be challenging and they require constant work and reflection. Can you think of someone in your office who gets on your nerves the minute you see them, before they even speak? Perhaps it is a family member that evokes this reaction in you? Or maybe this is what you feel when you listen to your internal chatter or look in the mirror? Whatever your situation, I am passionate about helping you to explore where these feelings and reactions are coming from. You deserve to have a life with content and fulfilling relationships, but it won’t happen automatically. Most of us are familiar with what we need to do to ensure our physical health, but what about our mind and well-being? This piece of us also needs nurturing and Coaching is just one of many ways in which you can do this. My services aim to explore how you can make positive changes to increase the satisfaction you feel about your relationships.

What is included in your session?


A safe & confidential space

The contents of our session are completely confidential and I will offer a safe and trusting space to ensure that you will feel 100% comfortable.


Someone to challenge you & hold you accountable

I will challenge you through my questioning and I will hold you accountable to help you remain committed and focused in reaching your goals.


Techniques to help you gain a different perspective

I have a wide range of techniques at my disposal that will help you to gain insights and perspectives that you have never explored before. This clarity and self-awareness is fundamental in order to make changes.


Support & encouragement

I love to be an encouraging voice in my client's corner, sometimes being the only one they have. There is nothing better than seeing my clients thrive and I will offer all of my support as you work to reignite your spark.


My hours of Coaching training & experience

I have invested heavily in my Coaching training so that I can offer the best experience to my clients and I am constantly learning and upskilling. I will bring all of the experience I have gained to my session with you.

Session Information

Sessions are held online from the comfort of your home or in person on request (in Westport, Co. Mayo). I have morning, evening and weekend availability. 

One-to-one sessions run for 60 mins.

Couple’s Coaching sessions run for 90 mins.

Depending on what you want to achieve from our Coaching sessions, more than one session may be beneficial. This is entirely your decision, you can book one session at a time so there is never any long-term financial commitment if you don’t want it.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you wish to book, I can’t wait to hear from you!

***Unfortunately, financial constraints can sometimes act as a barrier for people wishing to invest in services such as coaching. I want to do my bit to minimise this obstacle. I am delighted to be in a position to offer a limited amount of Pro Bono Coaching sessions each month to individuals experiencing financial difficulties. Please contact me for more information.***

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