Do I need a life coach?

So, do I need a life coach?

Great question and a perfect place to start! I hope this post will help you if you are curious as to what coaching involves or you are asking yourself ‘do I need a life coach?’ No matter your reason for visiting my website, you are very welcome and I hope you will take some new information that can help you in your life going forward.

To start, what exactly is it all about? Simply, life coaching is a present and future focused approach to goals. Clients come to coaching sessions because there is some aspect of their life that they want to change. Coaching offers you a safe space to discuss these changes, to understand why it is important to you and how you can achieve it. You will spend time considering what could potentially get in the way of you making these changes and what steps may be helpful to ensure you are successful. 

Clients also come to coaching as they need help when making a big decision, some come to improve their self-esteem and some come to limit or increase specific behaviours. It differs from other disciplines such as counselling as it is not concerned with the past and it differs from mentoring as it is non-directive.

In essence what that means is that I will not be telling you what to do or what is best for you. Think about it, how could I know what is best for you when I have never lived your life, shared your exact experiences or understand your brain? As a coach I will assist you in looking at your situation from a different perspective that you have not considered before.

One of the things I love about coaching is that it puts you as the client firmly in the driver’s seat. What a brilliant and empowering approach, right? You already have all of the answers, but a coaching session will help you realise them through the skills and techniques that we as coaches have trained hard to develop. 

When it comes to choosing a coach, make sure to do your research. Does this coach have the relevant qualifications & experience? Are they insured and open to a discussion before asking you to commit or take money off you? I am lucky enough to know many other amazing (and fully qualified) coaches so if I’m not the right fit for you, let me put you in contact with someone else who may be. I am always happy to send potential clients to other more suitable coaches, I believe in our profession and want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of it.

What about the cost of coaching? As with everything, the cost really varies from coach to coach and what is included in their services. In my mind coaching is absolutely worth the investment. When was the last time you invested in yourself? Invested in something that would have long lasting impacts? Many of us have no problem spending our hard earned money on things that give us fleeting pleasure, so why not invest in yourself and how you live your life? You are the longest and most important relationship you will ever have in your life, make the investment and get to know yourself. This much you deserve.

From the above it is clear that I believe that life coaching will benefit everyone, but I understand there are reasons why it might not be the right step for you right now. If you have any questions at all or if there is something holding you back please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss. Also, I offer a limited amount of pro bono sessions each month so if one of your concerns relates to the financial commitment of coaching, contact me for more information.

I have already helped people who achieved an important goal, made a major life change, developed more self-belief, came to some difficult realisations and described feeling lighter. I am so passionate in supporting my clients and look forward to speaking with you soon.

So that’s it for now – I really hope this has shone a light on the amazing discipline of coaching and what it entails. Do let me know if there is any topic you would like me to write about and visit my Instagram page for more coaching updates.