5 things you wanted to know about life coaching but never asked

What can I expect during a life coaching session?

At the beginning of all Ember Coaching sessions you will be given a coaching agreement form to sign. You will have been sent this in advance of your session to review to ensure that you have had the opportunity to ask any questions before we meet.

During your session you will be made to feel safe, at ease, and comfortable in sharing. If you have not come to the session to discuss something specific, I will give you some simple exercises to do to help you to decide what you would like to explore for the hour. You will have my full attention and you will notice that you will be doing most of the talking!

What areas of my life can life coaching help me with?

To be honest, you’ve pretty much answered your own question! Life coaching sessions can help you navigate ALL areas of your life – your relationships, career, parenting, addiction, confidence, business, well-being, management, motherhood…. The list is endless. If it happens in your life, you can bring it to a coaching session.

Is the life coaching industry regulated?

In short, no it’s not. But I and many other coaches are hopeful that it someday will be. A lot of coaches are advocating for some kind of compulsory accreditation for the betterment of our industry. There are a number of Life Coaching associations and I am affiliated with the International Coaching Federation.

Can you be a life coach without training?

I mean technically yes, anyone can call themselves a life coach. This is why we are hoping for accreditation of the industry, to increase the trust and confidence that the public have in coaching. When choosing a coach to work with, I urge you to look into their credentials. Have they completed a reputable course and have they coaching experience? Don’t spend your hard earned cash on someone who is not qualified in what they claim to be. I am delighted to say that I completed rigorous training with the Irish Life Coach institute.

Why is Life Coaching becoming so popular?

Life coaching has rapidly grown over the last number of years due to people looking to make changes in their life. People want more from their lives and have come to the realisation that they have more control over this than they may once have thought. So whilst it may seem there is an influx of life coaches around right now, there are billions of people in the world that could benefit from it. I am lucky to know many other talented coaches, and we are all doing our best to help our clients become the best version of themselves and live the life they never thought was possible.

If you are interested in learning more, please schedule a free discovery call where I will answer any questions you may have and explain my coaching style.